The valentine

He crafted the valentine for her with trembling hands. He wanted it to be perfect for her, because she was perfect for him. He agonized over every detail, crafted the glass, smoothed it. When he had finished, he found the softest cloth he had and polished it for her. He placed it in a velvet bag and placed that in a lined box. He locked the box so no one else would see the valentine or be able to get to it.

The next day, he smiled and gave her the box with the valentine. She remarked on the lock. He told her that it was to protect the valentine from others. He carefully unlocked the box and held it while she reached in and took out the velvet bag. She loosened the top and carefully reached in to pull out the valentine.

The glass was polished so brightly, the sun reflecting on its surface made her jump slightly and the glass valentine fell from her hands to the ground. They both watched as the valentine shattered. They both stared at the pieces on the ground, each one reflecting light back to them. She cried at what she had done and helped him gather the pieces up into the velvet bag.

She tried to apologize to him, she knew what effort he must have put into the valentine. She saw in his eyes the pain that she had caused. Her words didn’t seem enough though and she watched him walk slowly away with the bag and the box and the broken valentine. She couldn’t follow him, he looked too sad. So she went home and tried to forget.

The next day, he walked up to her again with the same box and the same lock, and the same smile. He opened the box for her and she saw the same velvet bag. She pulled the bag out of the box and loosened the top. Reaching in, she pulled out the valentine. He had pieced everything back together, glued everything back the way it was. It didn’t shine this time but it was all there, just like before.

She asked him why he put it back together and he told her that the valentine could only belong to her and he thought she should still have it. He apologized for it not being as shiny as before. She said it didn’t need to be as she placed it carefully back in the velvet bag and back in the box.

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