One moment

He sat in the cryogenic compartment waiting for the doctor. He had been wired up, had all the IVs inserted, and was ready mentally for whatever came next. The doctors told him he was terminal and this may be his only shot for a cure. Basically, it works like this: We freeze your body until a cure is found. Your mind will be conscious and aware, so we insert a scenario or memory for you as a way to keep it from recognizing the passage of time. If you choose a memory, you need to make sure it’s a pleasant one as you could be under for quite some time.

The doctor and his team entered the lab discussing things among themselves and he acknowledged his patient. “Are we ready?” the doctor asked as he took the pulse of his patient. The man nodded nervously that he was. The doctor smiled. “Have you decided on a scenario?” The man’s face lit up through his pain. “A memory, actually.” “Mhmm, well, that certainly is your choice.” he said as he shone a light in the man’s eyes. “So, when we give the word, you’ll need to have that memory in your mind and nothing else, because once you’re under, that is what will be your reality until you are awakened. And that could be a very long time, indeed.” The doctor heavily emphasized the “very”.

The doctor put his pen light in his lab coat pocket and then his hands. “So, what is this memory that you want to relive?” The man looked around the faces in the room, then quietly spoke. “There was this girl. I wasn’t looking to fall in love, but it still happened. We had…been together, and afterwards we were in the bath together. We were laying in the hot water, she was leaning back against my chest. I sang to her. I splashed hot water on her to keep her warm. Laying there, not speaking, not needing to, was the most intimate moment I’ve ever had. I fell in love with her in that moment. I want that moment again.”

The doctor didn’t say anything for a time, he just looked at his patient. Finally, he spoke. “Well, sir, it’s time.” The nurses positioned themselves around the compartment and lifted the blanket over the man’s chest. One final check of his IVs and EKG connections and they stepped back. The compartment began to close, the whirring of the machinery temporarily covering the sounds of the monitoring equipment in the room. The man heard the slight hiss of cryogenic gases begin flowing and he immediately felt sleepy.

He heard the doctor tell him “Now.” He closed his eyes and thought back. He felt the water rising around him and he opened his eyes to see her climbing into the tub. Her perfect body sliding into position. He wrapped his arms around her and felt the heat between them as he began to sing…

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